Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Star Athlete Is Born...

I decided to start a blog (okay, probably more or less a shrine) all about the greatest guy to grace the Earth with his presence, our son, Jackson.  Being that the baby book is pretty much filled up with no more blanks, I figured this would be both a great way to keep family and friends updated while chronicling Jax's life.  There are too many adorable little moments I never want to forget, and don't want to forget to share with everyone.  Thus became The Life of (jackson) Riley.

We were blessed with Jax (nickname copyright 2009, Grand Auntie Judy) on January 25, 2009.  Want to see a flashback picture???  Well, twist my arm...

I'll pause a moment for your "awwwww"s.  :)  He grew up so fast in the past year and it's been quite a fun ride.  And, call it intuition, we knew from the start he would just love sports like his daddy, mommy, and sports fanatic and trivia guru, Grampa.  

His love of sports has only grown.  From decorating his room before he was born with baseballs, to his first word ("ball"), and his first touchdown (see the video on The Zahns' YouTube Channel), Jax has been a natural athlete from the start.  Now (by 18 months) he is able to name every type of ball, use it in the correct form, and use it well (read: duck or go loooong).  

Easter 2010 (Despite the Camera's Date Stamp)

I think the family has come to a consensus that Jax will be a Ravens fan.  

Exhibit A
(November 2009)

Exhibit B
(September 2009)

Exhibit C
(Jax's 1st Birthday, January 2010)

Exhibit D
(Luke's 1st Birthday, September 2009)

However, I'm fairly certain Jax will be the center of a few family feuds of college teams as my family is all 100% "Go Terps!" and Jason's family may never have missed a single Mountaineers game - EVER.  Another battle that has already ensued is the battle over Jax's baseball team.  As a nearly lifelong Red Sox fan (well, since the age of 9) I would like to enact my motherly veto power on this.  I thought I had this one in the bag since Uncle Paul bought Jax his first Red Sox blanket and baby hat before he was born and I had a maternity Sox shirt I wore to games when I was pregnant.  Jax and I have matching Red Sox T-Shirts for this season and there was little to no competition until....WHAM!  Grampa went and bought an O's jersey for Jax...and an O's baseball.  Oh no.... I guess the O's aren't bad (although they really, really are) and that they are no doubt better than Grandma's dumb Yankees.

Jax is now swinging his bat like a pro, spiking footballs and even has his own touchdown dance.  The road ahead will undoubtedly be fun.  Next project: golf.  FORE!!

PS - Details on the Frederick Keys and O's games (Jax's first games) to follow.. running out of time tonight.  

Lots of love! XOXO

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  1. What a wonderful idea! However, I do object to the adjective "dumb" when referring to the Yankees! LOL! - Mom