Friday, August 27, 2010

Iron Man... Teacher of the Year??

So, Jax and I visited the library on Monday and I could not believe my eyes when I found this:

Yes, it's an Iron Man board book made especially for little tykes like Jax.  We try to find books relating to what Jax is learning in school that week.  This week's theme is "friends."  It just so happens that this book is all about Iron Man and his friends.  We read it 3 times in a row the first night, it even surpassed the Curious George baseball book that Jax picked out.

For anyone who thought that Marvel Comics is just entertainment and provides no educational value, Jax would like to prove you wrong.  He can now count the superheroes (with help) in his book, state the color of each superhero, and.... (to the videotape)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fun Times in South Carolina

I am beyond behind getting this post up.  However, 2 weeks ago we returned from a super-awesome vacation in Myrtle Beach with the whole Zahn clan.  Jax ran around looking for G-G at G-G's house, he just couldn't figure out why she wasn't there.  However, the best times for Jax were swinging the golf clubs in the house with Tyler while wearing Great-Grandpa's hat.

We had tons of fun on the beach.  Jax was probably better at the skim board than any of the rest of us.  

And, he's talented at boogie boarding, too!

There was lots of boogie boarding done by Jax's bestest buddies, Tyler and Luke, too.

There were lots of sandcastles to be built with all of this sand.  Good thing there were 3 Zahn boys to do the job!

Of course, building sandcastles is VERY tiring work.

We hung out at Barefoot Landing, and each of the boys got a prize at Frog Bog.  Of course, a little help from Grampy and Daddy never hurts, either.

Tyler and Jax posed for a picture at Barefoot Landing before hitting the rides and games..

And, the best part of Barefoot Landing was the merry-go-round!!

The week was great and Jax learned lots of new tricks over the course of the week.  First of all, this was his very first week "sleeping" in a big boy cot.  However, very little sleeping ensued.  This reminded Jason and I exactly what having a newborn was like.  Second, big cousin Tyler taught Jax all about IRON MAN!!  And, Jax got his very first Iron Man toy.

Now everywhere we go, every possible piece of Iron Man memorabilia is pointed out and begged for.  

Lastly, now everything Jax owns is now Tyler's.  Everything.  He wears Tyler's shoes, plays with Tyler's toys, drinks from Tyler's cups.  He sure has a good role model picked out.  :)

Can't wait until next year!!